Drug Treatment Centers

If you or someone close to you needs help for substance abuse, you should look into finding a reputable drug treatment center in your area. Whether you have a serious alcohol problem or simply need a place to go to receive help for an emotional or mental problem, there are drug treatment centers to help you get better. Whether you seek out professional help at a hospital, residential treatment facility, rehab facility, or halfway house, there are a variety of different treatments to help your problem.

Turning Point, a drug treatment center located in Jersey City, New Jersey, is an all-inclusive drug rehab center dedicated to providing an environment where people who use drugs, alcohol, and other substances can receive the best care possible. Turning Point, a New Jersey drug rehab center, offers an array of treatment options, including medical detox, residential drug treatment, outpatient treatment, and residential drug treatment. Located in the heart of Jersey City, Turning Point provides affordable treatment options for individuals suffering from addictions such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and marijuana. Our staff includes doctors who specialize in all facets of addiction and provide treatment services tailored to individual needs.

Turning Point, a New Jersey Drug Rehab Centers, is committed to providing patients with a comfortable environment in which to receive therapy, education, and care. Turning Point has been recognized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as one of the premier treatment facilities for substance abuse in New Jersey. If your loved one or yourself are dealing with a substance abuse problem, we invite you to review the information below to learn more about the various treatment options available to you and your loved ones. Contact our facility today to schedule a free consultation.

The “TurningPoint” program is one of our most popular programs. The program offers a therapeutic approach to treating those suffering from substance abuse problems. It uses a comprehensive approach to treatment that combines counseling, medication, therapy, support groups, and family therapy. This program is designed to be as integrated as possible between the patient’s illness and treatment so the patient receives the best care possible. The treatment center is also known for its holistic approach to medicine, making it possible for those who are addicted to substance abuse to heal while staying away from the harmful side effects of medication and dependence. The “turning point” program was created by Dr. William Pelham, a world-renowned expert in addiction medicine and alcoholism, and Dr. Robert Atkins, an addiction psychiatrist and alcoholism researcher.

Turning Point is known throughout the country as one of the best drug treatment centers in the country for residential treatment. This program is specifically designed for patients who need to detox before they receive their treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting. You can receive treatment at our facility through a combination of inpatient and outpatient therapies, as well as in our in-house clinical services and residential services. If your loved one needs immediate inpatient care, our staff will help you find the right care at our facility, as well as assistance with housing, legal aid, transportation, and job placement services.

Turning Point offers individual, family, and group treatment programs, depending on the type of inpatient care your loved one requires. Many of our programs include medical detoxification, group counseling, support groups, and medical treatment for symptoms, including but not limited to, pain control, wound care, medications, diet, medication, and counseling, as well as social work, alcohol therapy, and other substance abuse treatment services. Your loved one can choose a treatment program that best meets their needs, whether they are seeking outpatient treatment, inpatient care, or other options. If you or someone you love is dealing with substance abuse, contact our drug treatment center today to explore your options.

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